Breeds maintained by the Hungarian Retriever and Waterdog Club

Those who ever adopted a retriever or a waterdog as their best friend know exactly that these type of dogs are not only great choice for pets and „family-members” but besides they are excellent sport dogs and the most adaptable types. From hunting and fishing to service dog for search and rescue, guide dog for blinds, hearing dog for the deaf and working dog for the police and custom are all these dogs can be. The mutual characteristics of the breeds is that they are highly intelligent and cheerful which makes them ideal companions. The different breeds differ in appearance though.

It is our goal to help owners and breeders with learning the breeds throughly for the sake of appropriate maintenance and breeding the excellence of the breeds. On the other hand by providing the stndards we would like to give the opportunity to exhibitiors to get prepared for shows and examinations.


Intelligent and undeniably cheerful creatures. They are ideal companions for families with children. As family pets they can be taught to compete successfully in obedience, agility and working trials as well as in the show ring.


They are emotionally stable and sensible, but physically they are lively and athletic, poised for any activity thus they are best for owners with an active life-style.

They love to play and need vigorous exercise: long walks, occasional runs, and swimming whenever possible, for they are master swimmer and diver.

Mental stimulation (agility, fetching, advanced obedience) is just as important to this clever, thinking breed. They have very strong herding and guard instincts, so they are very loyal to their owners and wary of strangers.