Hungarian Retriever and Waterdog Club – Breeding licence examination and Ability test

Breeding licence examination and ability test for Retrievers and Waterdogs

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The Hungarian Retriever and Waterdog Club is glad to invite retriever and waterdog owners to the club day for breeding licence examination and ability test.

When: 5th of november 2016. (Saturday)

Where: Eger, Mátyus  Manor-house and Horse Farm
(Mátyus Manor-house – Pension – Restaurant – Horse Farm; Address: H-3300 Eger, Eged-hegyi Lovastanya; GPS Coordinates: É 47.913222°, K20.409023°)


Breeding licence examination*: Beke Judit

Ability tests: *: Pejó Nikolett, Kiss Zoltán

*(we reserve the right for any changes)

Fees – breeding licence examination:

  • Conformation judgement – 6.000,- HUF
  • Ability test: 6.000,- HUF

Registration on the spot from a.m.8.

Breeding licence examination will start at a.m. 9.

For further information please contact us at or tel.: +36-20-5008323

Ódry Anna

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